Scissors - Chapter Twelve

Akbul put the large goblet down on the floor at his feet and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His lips felt better especially once he pinched them between his thumb and fingers, wiping away the white phlegm that had built up on them. He scraped his tongue with his teeth, a layer of orange scum scraped away.

The pharaoh’s patience waned. 

“Come, Akbul, show me the new wonder you have for me!” he said, gesturing for him to approach the throne.

Akbul picked his rucksack up and slung it across his shoulder as he crossed the long, cool room and rested the bag at the feet of the pharaoh, reaching down into the unzipped front section and pulling out a multi-coloured cube, handing it over to the pharaoh who looked at it in wonderment. 

“And what do we call it?” 

“It’s called a Rubik’s Cube. It is said that the man who can solve the puzzle of Rubik will unlock a great power within himself and lead his armies to many great and historic victories.” 

He was very aware that he was over exaggerating but given his history with the pharaoh he was well aware that he would go for it, and the reward would be more than enough to get him to Las Vegas where his dream could finally be realised.

The pharaoh turned the cube in his hands, looking at the coloured squares.

“How exactly do I solve this puzzle?”

Akbul took the cube from the hands of the pharaoh and began to twist the puzzle around, explaining as he went the simple objective of the toy.

“But first pharaoh, before I leave this with you, I must ask for a great favour.”

“For this great power, Akbul, I will do anything.”

Akbul beamed with joy as he handed the cube to the pharaoh. 

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