Scissors - Chapter Nine

Akbul had been walking across the desert for a very long time. His shorts had been removed and fastened around his head to create a makeshift headscarf. The hot sand was worming its way inside his flip flops and burning the soles of his feet. He was, as he had expected, not having a very pleasant time and he was convinced that the tea had gone a long way in making him as hot as he was.

At the brink of the horizon, where steam waved its way from the sand into the deep blue sky, a change in the skyline was taking place. With each step a town grew taller and closer. Stone walls crept around the outside of the town with sentries posted at guard towers set on top of the walls at varying distances along the perimeter, a large wooden gate was closed. Even at this distance it looked impenetrable.

Akbul licked his lips. They were dry and chapped and his tongue was only a little more moist. He might even go as far as to say that, should one be offered by an oddly placed burger van, he might take up an offer of a polystyrene cup of tea.

He pressed on, the sun beating down on his hot, burning skin until he was in full view of the two guards posted outside of the gates. He held up his hand and the guards saluted his arrival.  He removed the shorts from his head, unzipped them, stepped into them and zipped them back up.

“Rameses,” Akbul rasped, his throat dry, nodding his head at one guard, “Osiris.” He said, nodding at the other.

Ramesis turned and banged his fist against the large gate which then slowly creaked open, a team of guards at the other side heaving and huffing as Akbul stepped through from the desert onto an equally as hot stone floor. He was standing in the centre of a large open area, stalls lined up around the outside, pointing him down a wide corridor which led to a tall, albeit narrow, ornate stone building with a small, dark doorway. He stepped through the door and looked up the stairs. The stairwell was cool, the heat sun unable to penetrate the thick stone. He started to climb the steps, his flip flops clipping and clopping as he went.

Reaching the summit he walked through another doorway and found himself in a large rectangular room, a red carpet stretching from the doorway to the back of the room where a Pharaoh sat.

“Akbul!” the Pharaoh beamed, welcoming his friend with arms wide open. “Please, come, come. What wonder do you have for us today?”

Akbul dropped his rucksack on the floor and kicked his flip flops off, enjoying the cool stone beneath his feet.

“Today I have for you a contraption that will stretch even the mind of you, great Pharaoh.” Akbul said, rummaging in his rucksack. “But first, could I trouble you for a drink?”


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