Scissors - Chapter Six

The cow had found itself in an incredibly odd situation as far as situations cow’s find themselves in go. She was standing at the top of a staircase which, if animal sex joke fanatics had their way, would be the start of a very good joke. Unfortunately, she found herself at both the top and the bottom of the staircase simultaneously which was incredibly confusing and the cause of a continually growing frustration.

How she had come to be on the staircase was an equally bizarre situation involving a series of identical cows, which she was now slowly coming to realise were actually a long series of elaborately positioned full-length mirrors arranged by a tanned man in flip flops, and a very small box that smelled much worse than most of the things she had sat in over the last two years of her existence.

Why she had been placed in the box was still a curious mystery to her, as to was how the inside of the box had later turned into an endless staircase that she could only climb and for some reason related to the structure of her knees, not descend.

It did occur to her, however, that leaving a nice bowl of water and grass what quite nice of the strange man.

She sat down on the top, and bottom, step of the staircase.  It was probably going to rain soon, she thought.


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